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        Doctor Who Season 5

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19-year old cockney girl Rose Tyler, working as a shopping assistant at a superstore in London, England is about to find her life is about to change. One night when she meets The Doctor, who saves her from plastic aliens creatures known as ``The Autons``. Curious about the man who saved her, Rose discovers The Doctor is not human, he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor`s race The Time Lords have been wiped out by the Daleks in a war and the Doctor is the last Time Lord alive. Rose decides to join The Doctor on-board his space/time machine ``The Tardis`` and the Doctor and Rose travel through the time/space continuum where they travel to distant planets, through Earth`s history (Past and Future) and travel back in time to historic events. Where the Doctor and Rose do battle with the galaxy`s most evil beings and menacing aliens and encountering all sorts of people of lifeforms on their adventures. It is the ride of a lifetime Rose will never forget...